Fire Sprinkler Systems  

We have not been in business for 38 years without putting our clients first. In service we demonstrate what the Systems Tech Inc. mission statement is “To fully provide for the needs of our clients in the most effective and cost conscience way”

BIM / Design  

We are on the cutting edge of technology. No company can offer more design tech services than we can when it comes to Building Information Modeling. From a simple Revit 3d drawing to administering your BIM process, we can do it.


Our inspections conform to the requirements of NFPA 25 and the local authorities having jurisdiction. Each inspection is customized to fit your unique needs in maintaining your properties. We offer regularly scheduled maintenance and testing services on all of your water-based and Vortex fire suppression systems, with a free-of-charge, no-obligation assessment of your property’s inspection needs.

Service and Repair  

Today’s water-based fire suppression systems can be complex. Systems may be wet, dry, preaction, deluge, or Vortex. They can have fire pumps, control panels, storage tanks, diesel engines, electric motors, compressors, control valves, water motor gong, gauges, seismic bracing, fire department connections, and may other important system components. If not maintained periodically, they can be rendered ineffective in a fire emergency. We are here to help you maintain safe working conditions for all of the occupants in your buildings and to help you avoid liability from an improperly maintained fire system.

Special Hazards  

All fires provide a unique characteristic of their own. We recognize the need for different types of suppression systems that can extinguish a high-hazard fire quickly and effectively. Through innovation in technology, we meet the demands of these types of fires with Water, Foam, and Vortex systems and the vast experience of our design teams.

Entitlement and Pre-Consulting  

We have been involved in many A/E pre-consulting projects, from entitlement documents through SD’s/DD’s and CD phases. With this comes the ability to resolve fire related issues that could otherwise cripple a project during construction. Because we have developed a division Peak Engineering that deals specifically with these problems, we have been very successful in resolving issues of constructability with significant cost savings to the developers.

Fire Engineered Underground Drawings  

Many jurisdictions are now requiring that a California licensed C-16, FPE, or C-36 contractor prepare the underground fire service documents with material types, restraints and thrust calculations, hydraulic calculations, etc., for the installing contractor to use. These drawings will require permitting through the governing agency. We have worked with many civil engineers in developing these documents and know what the civil contractor requires.